Schach Engineers

Aerial Work Platform - Boom Lift

Boom Lift - T elescopic
Max Platform Height 12m to 54m
Max Work Height 14m to 56m
Platform Capacity 227 kg to 340kg
Engine Diesel
Stowed Height 2.5m to 3m
Boom Lift (Articulated)
Max Platform Height 9m to 42m
Max Work Height 11m to 43m
Platform Capacity 227kgs
Power Source Battery 18Pl / Diesel 42Pl
Stowed Height 2m to 3m
Spider Lift
Max Platform Height 11 m to 30 m
Max Work Height 13 m to 32 m
Platform Capacity 120kg to 230kg
Power Source Diesel / AC
Stowed Height 2m
Truck Mounted Boom Lift
Max Platform Height 5 to 15m
Max Work Height 7m to 17m
Platform Capacity 227kg
Power Source Diesel
Stowed Height 3m to 4m