Schach Engineers

Fall Protection Systems

Schach Engineers has designed, engineered, fabricated, manufactured, installed and maintained thousands of fall protection systems in India. Schach Engineers offers a wide range of fall protection equipment option, that are most cost-effective. All the offered equipment is OSHA and CSA compliant.

We offer various types such as a horizontal lifeline system, overhead lifeline system, vertical lifeline system and aluminium lifeline system. Schach Engineers fall protection systems for construction are user-friendly systems to meet the specific requirements. Construction can be an extremely difficult business. Very often positives are neglected in the uptight rush and strain to finish the activity on time and budget. We trust that when exemplary actions bring prevalent results, the exceptional acknowledgment should be given.

Schach Engineers equipment varies relying upon job conditions, with various height prerequisites deciding use. Any works that occur four feet over the ground or higher need the equipment. We generally suggest utilising safety hierarchy. A safety hierarchy order distinguishes the most secure conceivable answer for a threat. Clearly taking out the risk is dependably the best arrangement. Guardrails, skylight screens and other detached types are the most secure and best types of insurance if you can't wipe out the danger out-and-out. Why Fall Protection Systems ?

The System is committed to giving the most secure workplace. Our expert endeavours are focused on conveying the most "easy to understand, dependable arrangements" for the present fall risks. FPS gives inclusion while delivering sound arrangements explicit to every client's particular needs. FPS's item flawlessness through designing brilliance bears the most secure answers for ages.